sábado, 18 de octubre de 2008

Himalaya DRM 2009 radio receiver

The Himalaya DRM 2009 is a Digital Radio Mondiale radio receiver that can tune in to different radio modes: Analogic AM (MW,SW,LW), Digital AM (MW,LW,SW), FM band and DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting).

I'm a owner of this radio. It's great, but it has some bugs. The DAB doesn't work well in this radio, and you've to receive a strong DRM signal to start decoding some audio.
The DRM signal gets out if you connect earphones, but the external antenna input works great. The speaker's sound isn't very good, and you hear some noises coming from the speakers even if the radio is switched off, so it isn't a good radio for a bedside table.
Also, it has a SD-CARD reader to record DRM/DAB radios (you can't record any FM/AM station), but it's still the best DRM radio that you can buy in the market now.
It costs 259€.

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